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1000's of jobs.

Liaison Between Vendors and Talent


We provide access to thousands of jobs to qualified professionals across the country.  For our clients, we combine our industry-leading recruiting and matching algorithms to attract top talent for facilities, provide ongoing support throughout the duration of the contract to ensure a mutual fit.  Our team manages the candidates' resume, credentialing, references, and license to ensure proper statewide and federal compliance.

For our candidates, we commit to placing the highest caliber, hard talent to find with the facility that will promote professional growth and fulfill financial expectation.  We update all the open positions at agencies, hospitals, laboratories, and affiliated organizations.  

Industries We Serve
  • Healthcare

    • Outpatient Facilities  

    • Acute Care Facilities  

    • Nursing Home Facilities

    • Long Term Care 

    • Correctional Facilities 

    • Home Health Facilities 

    • Rehab Facilities 

  • Engineering, Tech, & IT

    • ​National Laboratories​

    • Tech Hubs

    • Executive Staff Augmentation

    • Incubators 


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